You can find the frequently asked questions here, if your question is not answered please contact us.


What about safety?

We use an encryption that stands above many government and military standards.                          The vault is has extra added security.                         
                             You can therefore consider all your data and especially the vault as extremely safe.

How many confidants you need?

We set the minimum to 3. That is, there are 3 confidants                          needed to make a statement. We advise to have more confidants.

Why are there costs per 5 years?

This is to ensure continuity. We also do this to monitor user inactivity.

After my passing, are my email messages are visible to my confidants?

The messages are private at all times. Your contacts (if you have not checked them as private) are visible to your confidants. As well as the ceremony details, vault and wishes.

Do you work on behalf of another company?

No, we are completely independent and that is our strength!

What about privacy?

We respect your privacy. We treat your personal information with the utmost care and will never share it with third parties.

Secure payment

The entire site is running through the SSL protected network.
So logging in and sending information to and from the site is encrypted. Of course, all payments are also about SSL. You can always check this yourself in the address bar. This will always start with HTTPS: //

Can I easily delete my account

You can easily delete the account by going to Profile and then to the Account Information tab. Here's a button to delete your account.
Please note that you should first remove all your confidants!

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