Find out which My Message From Beyond services you can use to support your loved ones:

Use this space to write messages to your parents, (grand)children, friends, colleagues, etcetera.
Now is the time! It may seem strange, but how great would it be to receive a letter from someone who has passed away?
Address Book
After your passing away, it may be difficult for your confidants to inform all your loved ones.
Your computer may be password protected, or your address book may be lost..
You can manage your My Message From Beyond contacts. You can choose which contacts are visible to your confidants.
Maybe you have set up a funeral for a loved one before. It is not easy. Help your loved ones by explaining what you want here.
A cremation or a burial? Do you want speeches? Music? Flowers? Baloons? Doves? Champagne? A party? Silence? Let your loved ones know what you want.
An e-mail announcement, an advertisement, what is your preference? Are there any special events you want to share with your loved ones?
You can make a biography, including highlights from your life. Upload a picture to help your loved ones with the grieving process.
The condolences section is ready and will be made available after you pass away.
A piece of jewellery or clothing? A painting for a special someone? Housing your children with a certain family? Safely record and store your wishes here

Your wishes may not be legally binding when recorded in this way, but won’t they be respected?
Why would you hire a Notary to draft a will for your less valuable possessions?
Everyone owns important documents. But are they safely tucked away? Digital document storage is much more prevalent these days. You may have saved the documents to your computer, but it could always be stolen. You can use the vault to store all important documents, safely hidden away. The vault is extremely secure.
The vault is the safest place for your documents in the event of theft, fire or loss of your physical documents.
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