How does it work?

My Message From Beyond is there to support you and your survivors. But how does it work?
In the 8 steps below you can see how it works in detail. If you still have questions, please check our FAQ.

1. In Life we share

We are practically never alone. We are social creatures, and we share our experiences. But what if you are no longer here? Would you not like your loved ones to know what you would have wanted?

My Message From Beyond is a tool created to help your loved ones! A small amount of invested time right now could help your loved ones cope after your death.

2. Wishes and Decisions

After you register, you can enter your wishes immediately. Do your loved ones know what you want? Do not leave them with questions, instead tell them exactly how you would have wanted it. It is definitely not always easy to think about, but it will ease the process for those you love. Things to consider include music, floral arrangements, etc. You can be as specific as you like.

Can you afford a notary to continually update your official documents? If you document exactly what it is you want right now, and update as it is necessary, your loved ones will not have to guess as circumstances change throughout your life. Updating your wishes is very quick and simple.

What you document on My Message From Beyond will not supersede any official documents (i.e. will or testament), but it does serve as guidelines for your loved ones.

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3. Add confidants

Confidants are people that you trust completely. Choose them wisely, as only they will be able to confirm your passing away.
Confidants will also have to register on this website. Naturally, this registration will contain only minimal contact information and is free of charge.

What does it mean to be a confidant?
Being a confidant is a great honor but also a great responsibility. It means you are the person who has to make the declaration or confirm when this user has passed away and get all the information that is left behind.
There is a minimum of 3 trustees as this is the minimum required to make the declaration.

4. Write letters

One of the greatest My Message from Beyond features is that you can write letters which will be sent after you pass away.
What makes this even better is that this letter can also be delivered on a set date or after a certain amount of time. It can include attachments and even a video!

You can add or import contacts and choose to share them with your confidants. So they have the necessary addresses.

6. Your digital safe

Do you own important documents or artifacts? Does anyone know the combination to your safe? What if your house burns down and the safe becomes inaccessible? With a personal, highly secure safe, this cannot happen. Your confidants will be able to view your safe after you pass away.

7. Your memorial

It is easy to set up your own memorial right now. No one will be able to update or change it. Upload a nice photo of yourself, write down some lessons or quotes. Or write a story. You can also use the video add-on to record a message to play to your loved ones.
You could also choose to give your confidants the option to write some extra information on your memorial page.

Your loved ones will be able to pay their respects to you on your memorial page in a beautiful register.

8. Your passing away

We all plan to have a long and fruitful life, but it will always come to an end. This is unavoidable, but it could be worse- you could have not set this account up!
Your confidants report the passing and the system is set in motion. Depending on your security settings, which you can update easily on your profile page, your confidants will be granted access to your contacts, safe, wishes and ceremonial preferences.

What is a confidante?

The word confidant says it all, the people that you trust blindly.
Of course no one can be 100% trustworthy. For this reason we have created a system that needs at least 3 people to be your confidant.

In the event of your passing, one of these confidants starts the declaration of passing. The two other confidants must accept before the system goes to work.
It is therefore wise to invite one or two additional trustees to increase security. It is also possible to increase the minimum number of trustees in order to make the system even more secure!

The first confidant that makes a statement pays a fee of 5 euros for additional security. This allows us to easily identify abuse becouse of payment details.

Your confidants are hidden from each other. Only after youre passing will they see who the other confidants are.

Of course you can be a confidant to someone

What does this mean?

It is a great honor that you can be confidant of someone.
It means that the person inviting you has put trust in you! In case of death you are the one who must make or accept the death declaration.

What do you need?

All you need is a free account at My Message From Beyond and keep your contact details and email addresses up to date. We will remind you once a year by email to check this again so it is up to date when we need you.

Your account can be created here.

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